Karuppu Kavuni Rice / Black Rice / கருப்பு கவுனி – 1 kg

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Karuppu kavuni Rice is packed with health benefits.  Kavuni hand pounded black rice has rich in Antioxidants.  Organic Traditional karuppu  kavuni  black rice good source of Fiber.  Kavuni black rice helps to preventing from Obesity.  Kavuni  kaikuthal black rice used to preventing Risk of Diabetes.  Karupu kavuni arisi lowers the risk of type 2 Diabetes. Black Kavuni rice also contains Important Antioxidant Vitamin E, which Helps to maintaining Skin, Eye and immune health.  Karuppu Kavuni handpound black rice also called as Emperor Rice.  Kavuni Black rice helps to prevent from cancer. Karuppu Kavuni rice helps to Reducing the Risk of Fatty liver Disease.

Karuppu Kavuni Rice Contains more Nutrients and Antioxidant than any other Rice.

Anthocyanin is an Antixidant in Karuppu Kavuni Rice which helps to prevent Heart Dieases

Karuppu Kavuni Rice Contains good amount of fibre which helps for easy digestive and easy bowel movement

How to Take Karuppu Kavuni Rice – Kavuni Arisi

Normal Meals

Karuppu Kavuni Rice is used to Make Sweet Pongal using  Nattu Vellam or Karupatti

Using Karuppu Kavuni Rice your Can make Sweet Payasam using Nattu sakkarai

we can use Karuppu Kavuni Rice to Make Puttu

You Can Take Karuppu Kavuni as kanji

How to Prepare Karuppu Kavuni Kanji
Karuppu Kavuni Rice Recipes
Karuppu Kavuni porridge
1. 1/4 Cup Karuppu Kavuni Rice
2. 4 Cup Water
3. Required Himalayan Rack Salt ( Indhu Uppu)
4. 2 Spoon Curd

Wash the kauni rice well, add 2 cups of water and soak for 3 hours. Wash the rice well, put it on a cloth and let the fan air to cool it, add it to a pan and fry, Then Put it in mixe jar and grind to a powder.

Then put a pot on the stove, add four cups of water and when it boils, add the grinded Karuppu Kavuni rice powder and mix Continuously. Keep on medium heat . If Required Add Water.
When the rice flour is mixed and boiled, when the flour is well cooked, add salt and mix well. Once the porridge is Cooled, mix it with Curd or buttermilk and drink it.


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