We train and teach our students even the students from 5 to 60 age group with the help of fingers can disable the opponent or even make them faint for some time. We can retrieve the victim by striking at a varmam.

This is the only martial art in the world through which we can defend ourselves and cure the victim too. Which clearly proves that this is the rarest martial art.Both the gender of students can take part in this training.

For Varma Treatment,we are conducting regular weekend classes as we enroll students only in batches. Each batch spans for a duration of 3 months.

Self Defence

  • Meyyadakkam ( Body Conditioning Exercise )
  • Suvadu ( Forms )
  • Adithadai ( Hit & Block )
  • Pidimurai ( Lock & Throw )
  • Adimurai Sootchumam (Philoshophy Of Fighting)
  • Varma Adimurai (Fight Using Pressure Point)
  • Silambam ( Stick )
  • Vaal ( Sword )
  • Kathi ( Knife )
  • Surul vaal ( Flexible Long Sword )
  • Vajra Ayutham (Pressure Points Secret Weapons)
  • Mei – Theendaa Kaalam ( Fight Without Fighting )

Treatment Courses

Varmakalai Points

Tamil Herbal Medicine

Bone Fracture

 Traditional Treatment

Emergency Varmakalai Treatment

Treatment using Varmakalai Points Syllabus

  • Diagnosis of Varmam damages.
  • 96 philosophies and Varmam concepts.
  • Secret of Elixir points in our body.
  • Varmam points (171) and its applications.
  • Netti yeduthal muraigal (Varmam -Chiropractic)
  • Varmam points related with stars and astrology.
  • Adi muraigal
  • Sarvaanga adangal
  • Varmam marunthugal
  • Varmam and siddha medical system
  • Netti yeduthal muraigal (Varmam -Chiropractic)
  • Thadaval muraigal ( Varmam Massage Techniques )
  • Thattu muraigal
  • Varmam Oil preparation
  • Kattu muraigal(bandaging in fracture conditions).
  • Varmam points for functional systems of the body.
  • Aru athata sakthiyoottai (energizing techniques for nerve plexus).
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